Pre-College Educator Program (Pre-Ed) Faculty Competition

The open application period for this funding opportunity has ended. Please check back soon for other opportunities that may be of interest to you.

Pre-College Educator Program (Pre-Ed) Faculty Competition

Deadline:  Monday, May 23, 2016, 5:00 pm PDT

The Nevada NASA Space Grant Consortium (NVSGC) has funding available for Pre-College Educator Programs. The primary focus of this program is to train (pre-service) teachers who plan to teach STEM at K-12 and (in-service) teachers to infuse NASA-related content into K-12 schools. NVSGC is particularly interested in training teachers to provide K-12 students with hands-on science, engineering or other college readiness skill activities including the development of teams to compete in science and engineering challenges relevant to NASA. NVSGC will also support the inclusion of STEM activities in the curricula of education courses at NV K-12 schools. In addition, NVSGC is seeking to support training opportunities for teachers to enhance their knowledge in specific STEM topics that will attract students to STEM disciplines.  See the Solicitation PDF for complete details.

Downloadable Forms for Proposal Submission:

Cover Page Form

Current and Pending Support Form

Budget & Budget Justification Form