Workshop and Travel Support for NASA Collaboration and Proposal Development

Application Deadline: Ongoing

NASA EPSCoR Workshop and Travel Support for NASA Collaboration and Proposal Development

A NASA EPSCoR goal is to facilitate new research collaborations among NASA Centers and NSHE faculty by competitively awarding travel grants and workshop funds. The State of NV provides the 1:1 match required by NASA EPSCoR for travel and workshop awards. Please submit a budget with balanced federal and state match funds. Unrecovered F&A (i.e., ICR) must be included on the State match (SPM) direct cost. All requests should not exceed $20,000 total (Federal plus State match). Budget justifications are required providing a clear breakdown of anticipated costs.


Topical workshops provide a unique opportunity for NSHE researchers to discuss and form collaborations for training and proposal development purposes. Workshop awards may provide one to two days of meeting time for specific training and proposal development efforts. Workshops also provide potential to develop collaborations among NSHE faculty, NASA scientists/engineers and industry.

Travel Grants

Early-career and mid-career faculty who are engaged in research re-alignment will be given priority for travel grants. Travel grants will be awarded to cover costs for NSHE faculty to travel to NASA Centers and in some instances to visit businesses involved in NASA missions. Although travel grants are designed to only cover travel costs (within the U.S. only), some salary coverage may be considered for Desert Research Institute (DRI) faculty and university research faculty who do not have state-supported salaries.

To apply Complete the Online Application Form and follow the guidelines and requirements in the solicitation.