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Dr. Lynn Fenstermaker

Posted on: March 22nd, 2016 in:

Dr Lynn Fenstermaker was born and raised in rural northeastern PA. She earned a bachelor of science in Environmental Resource Management at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). Her master of science degree was also earned at Penn State in Agronomy with a focus on remote sensing. She then had an opportunity to move west as a contract employee for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where she focused on the environmental analysis of remotely sensed data, primarily aircraft data.

She then moved to the Environmental Research Center at UNLV and then to the Desert Research Institute (DRI) and has been employed there for over 25 years. While at DRI, she earned a PhD in Biological Science at UNLV and her dissertation focused on using aircraft data to estimate evapotranspiration (ET). She has been engaged in a large number of projects focusing on climate change, environmental stressors, basin-scale ET estimation and general land cover. She has served as Director of three statewide climate change projects and DRI’s liaison for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) activities. On January 1, 2015 she became the NVSGC and NV NASA EPSCoR Director.