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2020 DRI Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Posted on: January 30th, 2020 in: NASA Space Grant

Desert Research Institute is now welcoming applications to the 2020 DRI Cybersecurity Bootcamp held at the University of Nevada, Reno during spring break (March 16-20, 2020). The Bootcamp will provide the basics of cybersecurity and how to bring a security mindset to science research and applications using emerging technologies, such as robotics, sensor networks, and IoT.

Students (graduate and upper-level undergrads) from all majors are welcome, and the hands-on activities are designed to utilize interdisciplinary approaches to better secure systems. 

The Bootcamp is funded by Nevada NASA Space Grant to prepare the next generation of scientists and NASA focused personnel to for better outcomes in research and technology development. 

 Applications are due February 7, 2020.