NASA Resources

The NASA OSTEM Video Vault from the Better Together for Success Meeting, March 2021

2018 STEM for All Competition Video Showcase

Bell Museum – Activating the Nation’s Planetariums

What is NASA STEM Stars

Abrams Planetarium – World Building on Mars

Alabama Space Grant: 3D/VR Scene


Student Launch Initiative

First Nations Launch

Human Exploration Rover Challenge

NASA’s BIG Idea Challenge

GLEE Announcement

I Started as a NASA Intern – YouTube Playlist

NASA STEM Stars (Spanish)

NASA Astronaut Chris Cassidy Speaks with NASA Interns

Introduction to MUREP

NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars

Seeing Sound Educator Demo

NASA XPlane-ations: How to Build a Coin Battery

Boeing Starliner Crew Prepares 2nd Module for Flight

An Introduction to the James Webb Space Telescope

What is a Galaxy

Seeing Sound Educator Demo

How do Space Telescopes Break Down Light

Artemis I: SLS Launch and Mission Animation

Mission Overview – NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter – The First Aircraft on Mars

Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars Onboard Camera Views

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Landing and Animations

NASA Certifies SpaceX Crew Transportation System for Regular Astronaut Flights

The Low-Boom Flight Demo Mission Inside Scoop

NASA STEM Stars – NASA Internships

Meet NASA Interns

National Native American Heritage Month – Karen Moore’s NASA Intern Story

The Moonshot – An Introduction to Gravitational Multi-Body Dynamics

Space Club – Mission 5 Robot Hand

National NASA Websites

The latest national NASA News

The latest NASA News on Wildfires

The latest NASA News on Hurricanes

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NASA Pathways programs provide opportunities for students and recent graduates to be considered for Federal employment.
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NASA Mission Directorates Index: Strategic management of the NASA education portfolio requires the participation of the Office of Education, the four Mission Directorates and all ten NASA Centers.
Science Mission Directorate: Info for scientists and engineers who plan to propose or have submitted a proposal. Note: a Program Manager’s list, FAQs, a link to volunteer for review panels and How to Guide are available from this home webpage as well as many other helpful links.
NASA EXPRESS: delivers weekly updates for faculty, educators, students, and others interested in STEM. The newsletter includes information from NASA and STEM associates about competitions, workshops, internships, fellowships, grants, online professional development, and other opportunities.

The 2020 NASA Technology Taxonomy provides a structure for articulating the technology development disciplines needed to enable future space missions and support commercial air travel. 

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