2018 National NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research Cooperative Agreement Notice (RRR CAN)

The open application period for this funding opportunity has ended. Please check back soon for other opportunities that may be of interest to you.

The Nevada NASA EPSCoR program requests Letter of Intent (LOI) and Proposals for the National NASA EPSCoR Rapid Response Research Cooperative Agreement Notice (CAN).

The National NASA EPSCoR Program has announced a new solicitation entitled “Rapid Response Research”.  The goal of this effort is to develop close collaborations among NASA, industry and university faculty to solve specific current NASA research challenges. It is anticipated that five $100,000 awards for a one-year project duration will be made to address a subset of the NASA topics listed in the National solicitation Appendices. Each jurisdiction may submit one proposal per topic area for a total of 8 topic areas, i.e., Nevada may submit, through the NV NASA EPSCoR Office, up to 8 proposals, but only one for each topic area.  We are therefore requesting that any NSHE faculty member interested in submitting a proposal first submit a letter of interest; see information below.  If there are multiple faculty interested in a common topic area, we will request that the faculty consider collaborating on a proposal.  If collaboration is not an option, the NV NASA EPSCoR Technical Advisory Committee will review the proposals and select the proposal that will be submitted to the National solicitation. 

Eligibility: Faculty at NSHE institutions, particularly junior faculty, women, and members of other underrepresented populations are encouraged to apply.  Faculty who have a current National NASA EPSCoR Research CAN project are not eligible to apply while their project is on-going. There is no requirement that Science PIs be U.S. citizens, however, foreign nationals (i.e., non-U.S. citizens who do not have a green card) will likely not be permitted access to NASA Centers.  This may or may not be important to the research being proposed.

Funding:  The NASA EPSCoR RRR CAN will provide an award of $100,000 total for a one-year project period with no match requirement.  The federally negotiated indirect cost recovery (ICR) rate must be included in the budget.

Please read the full  SOLICITATION  for all relevant details. *Download PDF file to view "paperclipped" attachments. Four (4) AMENDMENTS to solicitation NNH18ZHA005C, Rapid Response Research have been posted on NSPIRES. These amendments update the tasks provided by the Commercial Space Capabilities Office (CSCO-2017-01 thru 04).

Webinar about this solicitation will be held July 11, 2018 at 11AM PT. Use this webex link to attend:   JOIN THE MEETING

STEP 1 – Submit Letter of Intent (LOI) Online:  Due July 30, 2018, 5:00 pm PT.   CLICK HERE to submit LOI. 

STEP 2 – Submit Proposal Online: Only once your LOI has been approved to move forward.