2023 Nevada NASA EPSCoR Request for LOI and Pre-proposals: National NASA EPSCoR Research NOFO

The open application period for this funding opportunity has ended. Please check back soon for other opportunities that may be of interest to you.

The Nevada NASA EPSCoR program requests Letter of Intent (LOI) and Pre-proposals for the National NASA EPSCoR Research Collaboration NOFO.

The National NASA EPSCoR Program will be releasing the 2023 Research Collaboration Notice of Funding Opportunity in late August of 2022. NV NASA EPSCoR will be permitted to submit a single full proposal, which will likely be due in November 2022. To allow sufficient time to select and develop a single strong full proposal from Nevada, a letter of intent and pre-proposals are being solicited in advance of the Federal NOFO release. The LOIs are required to submit a pre-proposal and will be used to select review panel members for the pre-proposal competitive external review. The results of the external review will result in the selection of one pre-proposal that will advance to full proposal development. Note: the National NASA EPSCoR Research Collaboration NOFO will only permit one full proposal submission per EPSCoR state. Based on past Research Collaboration NOFO solicitations no significant changes are anticipated. The NOFO announcement from last year is attached to this solicitation as an e-paperclip (open PDF in Adobe).

NASA EPSCoR Research Collaboration NOFO  pre-proposals must include three or more statewide collaborations among NSHE institutions and a NASA Center or Contractor Collaborator.  

Eligibility: Faculty at NSHE institutions, particularly junior faculty, women, and members of other underrepresented populations are encouraged to apply. Faculty who have a current National NASA EPSCoR Research Collaboration NOFO project are not eligible to apply while their project is on-going. Pre-proposals must include Co-PIs from at least three NSHE institutions.

Funding:  The NASA EPSCoR Research Collaboration NOFO will provide an award of $1,125,000 total for a three-year period with the expectation of a 2:1 match; i.e., $750K in Federal funds and $375K in state matching funds (contingent on matching fund availability) and/or institutional match. Note: an attempt must be made to distribute Federal and state matching funds to each participating institution. If institutional match is required, that match must be met at the respective institution, i.e., if there are insufficient state matching funds, institutions receiving Federal funding must provide the 2:1 match from their institution and not through another NSHE institution’s budget.

Please read the full  SOLICITATION  for all relevant details. *Download PDF file to view “paperclipped” attachments.

*Please see this new  LIST  of EPSCoR Priority Research Topics.

Webinar about this solicitation will be held June 6,  2022 at 11 am PT. Use this Microsoft Teams link to attend:   JOIN THE MEETING

STEP 1 – Submit Letter of Intent (LOI) Online:  Due June 27, 2022, 5:00 pm PT.   CLICK HERE to submit LOI.

STEP 2 – Submit Pre-proposal Online:  Due July 26, 2022, 5:00 pm PT. Please submit a single PDF document using the naming convention: PI Last Name_First Name_NASA_CAN. Submissions that are incomplete will not be reviewed and no late submissions will be accepted. CLICK HERE to submit your pre-proposal.