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NASA Citizen Science Leaders Series

Posted on: February 5th, 2021 in: National NASA

Citizen Science Projects

NASA’s citizen science projects are collaborations between scientists and interested members of the public. Through these collaborations, volunteers (known as citizen scientists) have helped make thousands of important scientific discoveries. Want to work on some real NASA science? Join the NASA Citizen Science Leaders Series to learn more. 

Winter Series – Ideas to Action

The professional learning series for those leading, hoping to lead, or wanting to learn more about NASA Citizen Science practice.

Every other Thursday @ 3:30 pm EST in February – April 2021

The Winter 2021 Ideas to Action series will focus on four areas of project design chosen by respondents to the summer series survey:

  1. Engaging the people you want in your project
  2. Innovative approaches to train and support volunteers
  3. Implementing smart data practices particular to citizen science
  4. Accelerating the pace of discovery in your project

Each topic will be addressed through three connected activities:

  • An hour-long Presentation event held online and available on this site as a recording
  • A one-time interactive 90-min Workshop event held online (not recorded)
  • A bridging Reflection tool to to be used in your own time to help you organize your thoughts before Workshops

All Presentations and Workshop events will begin at 3:30 pm EST on the Thursdays indicated.