Kevin Bumgartner

Kevin Bumgartner
NVSGC 2016 Undergraduate Scholar
University of Nevada, Reno
B.S. Dual Major: Physics, General Math

What was your favorite thing about participating in this program? Probably the invaluable interactions with my mentor on this project.

How has this program prepared you for more advanced studies?  I’ve gotten to learn a lot “outside the classroom” about the field of computational biology. As mentioned above, I also believe working on this project has allowed me to more thoroughly absorb the material taught in many of my courses.

What achievements and/or successes have resulted from your participation in the program that you would not have had otherwise?  Familiarity with the R statistics package, impetus to complete enough biology coursework to be roughly halfway to a minor in Biology, and my first time becoming intimately familiar with a beautiful mathematical model, familiar enough to modify it for situations it wasn’t intended to be used in.

What would you tell others who are thinking about applying for this program?  If you intend to work in a STEM field, take advantage of this program! Academics are important but so is experience, and that’s what this program offers.