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Planetary Data Ecosystem (PDE) Independent Review Board (IRB) Self-Nomination Opportunity Released

Posted on: August 20th, 2020 in: National NASA

NASA is seeking self-nominations for the Planetary Data Ecosystem (PDE) Independent Review Board (IRB). NASA defines the PDE as the ad hoc connected framework of activities and products that are built upon and support the data collected by planetary space missions and research programs, which primarily are NASA funded.

The PDE IRB will be comprised of members from academia, industry, Government, and the public. Member expertise will span the areas of project management, science, engineering, and the user base.  The PDE IRB will be convened virtually over the course of three months in fall 2020 (estimate). The IRB will review the current state of the PDE and provide findings and prioritized, actionable recommendations that can be translated into an optimal PDE strategy. Signing up does not commit you to serve. A third party independently selects the PDE IRB members, and there is no guarantee that any of the nominations submitted will result in an invitation to serve on the board.

A third-party contractor independently will select the PDE IRB members and will issue any invitations to serve. NASA will provide the verbatim self-nominations to the contractor without comment or prioritization. It is anticipated that the third-party contractor will begin inviting members to serve in late-August and early-September. To submit a self-nomination, please visit this website.  Signing up does not commit you to serve and does not prevent you from submitting responses to any NASA Request for Information. 

If you have questions or comments, please email them directly to Rebecca McCauley Rench ( using subject line: “PDE Self Nomination.”