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2023 NASA Planetary Science Summer School Applications Due March 27, 2023

Posted on: February 9th, 2023 in: National NASA
A woman points at a diagram that was been drawn onto clear glass using a whiteboard marker. A man watches on with with interest.

Credit: NASA

Offered by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, NASA Planetary Science Summer School (PSSS) is a 3-month long career development experience to learn the development of a hypothesis-driven robotic space mission in a concurrent engineering environment while getting an in-depth, first-hand look at mission design, life cycle, costs, schedule & the inherent trade-offs.

Science and engineering doctoral candidates, recent Ph.D.s, postdocs, junior faculty, and certain master’s degree students, who are U.S. Citizens or legal permanent residents (and a very limited number of Foreign Nationals from non-designated counties), are eligible. There is no charge to attend, travel stipends are available, and applicants from diverse backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply.  Diversity, equity and inclusion are important to us, and we strive to create a welcoming environment where participants’ contributions and unique perspectives are valued. 

  • Session 1: Preparatory Sessions May 11-July 28.  Culminating Week with JPL’s Team X July 31-August 4
  • Session 2: Preparatory Sessions May 25-August 11.  Culminating Week with JPL’s Team X August 14-18

With workload of a rigorous 3-credit graduate-level course, participants act as a planetary science mission team during the first 12 weeks of preparatory webinars, with the final culminating week mentored by JPL’s Advance Project Design Team for refining the mission concept design & presenting it to a mock expert review board.  The culminating week is planned to be at JPL.

Applications are due March 27, 2023.  

Register now for an informational session on February 14 at 11:00 am ET.