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Just Released! NASA EPSCoR RRR Research Topics – Appendix A thru J

Posted on: October 7th, 2021 in: NASA EPSCoR

In preparation for the release of the 2022 National NASA EPSCoR Rapid Research Response solicitation, the National NASA EPSCoR Project Manager has provided an advance copy of the appendix A thru J listing specific research topics.  We anticipate that the solicitation will be very similar to last year’s solicitation (included).  Each jurisdiction will only be allowed to submit one proposal per NASA Office/Center, and each must address a different topic.  Note: each office/center has multiple research topics.  Below is a brief summary of the requirements/guidance for this solicitation:

Below is a brief summary of requirements/guidance for this solicitation:

Funding: Awards are $100K Federal with no match requirement for a one-year period of performance.

Eligibility:  Faculty at NSHE institutions, particularly junior faculty, women, and members of other underrepresented populations are encouraged to apply.  Faculty who have a current National NASA EPSCoR Research CAN or RRR project are not eligible to apply while their project is on-going. There is no requirement that Science PIs be U.S. citizens, however, foreign nationals (i.e., non-U.S. citizens who do not have a green card) will likely not be permitted access to NASA Centers.  This may or may not be important to the research being proposed.

A Letter of Interest (LOI) will be required and requested by approximately two weeks after the solicitation is released.  If more than one faculty member has an interest in the same topic, we will first ask if you can collaborate before reviewing the LOIs to determine which is most responsive to the solicitation.

Interested faculty must communicate with the NASA point-of-contact for the topic area before submitting a LOI.

Approximate due dates:

Solicitation release from NASA: December 15, 2021

LOI’s due to NSHE: December 30, 2021

Decisions on LOIs to proceed to full proposal: January 6, 2022

Full proposals to NSHE: February 18, 2022

Each jurisdiction (state) may submit one proposal per NASA Office.  Note: there are multiple research topics per NASA Office, and the LOI assessed to be the most relevant to the solicitation will be selected for full proposal development.

Proposers may resubmit proposals from previous R3 solicitations or submit proposals for renewal(s) of existing award(s) if allowed by the appendix POC listed under Inquires. Proposers should contact the POC for concurrence.

Most proposals must be no longer than 2-3 pages.  There may be some exceptions for a particular topic that will allow up to 5 pages.