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University Student Research Challenge (USRC)

Posted on: January 14th, 2021 in: National NASA
Student researchers from Georgia Tech
A team of student researchers from Georgia Tech in Atlanta who were selected in 2020 as part of NASA’s University Student Research Challenge stand in front of the school’s iconic Tech Tower. They are looking at ways to improve airflow over an airplane’s wing by being able to adjust small vanes attached to its surface as needed in flight. From left: Bethe Newgent, Ethan Rosman, Michael Gamarnik, Chris Rothmann, Noah Mammen, Sam Hartz, and Tommy Schrager. Credits: Georgia Tech

University Student Research Challenge (solicitation NNH20ZEA001N-USRC) seeks to challenge students to propose new aeronautics ideas/concepts that are relevant to NASA Aeronautics.  USRC will provide students, from accredited U.S. colleges or universities, with grants for their projects and it includes the challenge of raising a modest amount of cost share funds through crowdfunding platform.  The process of creating and preparing a crowdfunding campaign acts as a teaching accelerator – requiring students to act like entrepreneurs and taking action.  Crowdfunding also raises awareness about students’ research among the public.

The solicitation goal can be accomplished through project ideas such as advancing the design, developing technology or capabilities in support of aviation, by demonstrating a novel concept, or enabling advancement of aeronautics-related technologies.

Proposals are due February 25, 2021.