2023 Virtual Poster Competition

Undergraduate Students

Synthesis of Novel Phosphorus, Sulfur-Containing Fire Retardants

Parsa Azaei; University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Engineering Lattice Thermal Transport in Nanomesh Metastructures Towards Improved Radioisotope thermoelectric generators for NASA’s Space Missions

Haoran Cui; University of Nevada, Reno

Creation of a 2D Field Effect Transistor using Chemical Vapor Deposition

Dylan Mendoza; University of Nevada, Reno

Effects of Near-Zero Magnetic Field Exposure on Xenopus laevis

Iris Nava, Ashley Fitzpatrick, and Belen Gutierrez; University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Development of a Biobased Carbon Adsorbent for Treating Emerging Contaminants in Recycled Water on the International Space Station

Savanna Vacek; University of Nevada, Las Vegas

College Students

Kiandra Simmons
Potential Connections Between Sickle Cell Disease and Iron Deficiency Anemia

Kiandra Simmons; College of Southern Nevada

Photo on 4-17-23 at 9-PhotoRoom (1)
DNA Barcoding of Sea Slugs (Nudibranch)

Anna Vu; College of Southern Nevada

Sublimation Values of Ice Under Lunar Conditions

Luke Wanner; Great Basin College

Graduate Students

Toxic Gas and Particle Emissions from Combustion of Spacecraft Materials

Bjoern Bingham, University of Nevada, Reno

Species-Specific Quantification of Endospores in a Deep Subsurface Aquifer

Molly Devlin, Desert Research Institute

Hutton Headshot
Crumple mediated snap-through and post-buckling behavior of cylindrically bent sheets

Robert Hutton, University of Nevada, Reno

Understanding Deformation Mechanisms of Metal-Metal and Ceramic-Metal During Supersonic Particle Deposition

Raven Maccione, University of Nevada, Reno

Atomistic Investigation of Phonon Wave Transport Through Embedded Nanoparticles

Theodore Maranets; University of Nevada, Reno

Aerosol-Cloud Interactions during Cloud Seeding

Ghazal  Mehdizadeh; Desert Research Institute

Significance of back-flow of thermal energy in multilayer thin films under femtosecond laser pulses

Milad Mozafarifard; University of Nevada, Reno

Transforming Space Plastic Waste into Lubricants for Sustainable Space Missions

Md Hafizur Rahman; University of Nevada, Reno

Off-World Additive Manufacturing - A Path Towards Sustainable Mars Exploration

Alessandro Ralls; University of Nevada, Reno

Hybrid Direct Ink Writing/Embedded Three-Dimensional Printing of Smart Hinge from Shape Memory Polymer

Lily Raymond; University of Nevada, Reno

Improving Predictions of Global Canopy Interception Losses by Leveraging Remotely Sensed Canopy Structure Data

Abigail Sandquist; University of Nevada, Reno